Resources on this page include example policies, procedures, and guides from state and county child welfare agencies across the country regarding services to immigrant children and families. These resources can be used by other states to develop or improve their services to this population.



PROCEDURE XII-A1: DCFS Response to Children of Actual or Suspected Undocumented Immigrants 

This procedure is located on page 356 of the Policy & Procedure Manual for the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Children & Family Services. This procedure discusses the supportive services available to undocumented immigrant families and also discusses cases when Special Immigrant Juvenile Status may be pursued for undocumented foster children.


Report to Judicial Council

Judicial Council of California (October 2014)

This report was created in response to the rising number of unaccompanied immigrant children arriving in California and the resulting increase in cases where Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) is pursued as an immigration relief option. The state of California recently passed Senate Bill 873, which clarifies the role of superior courts in making SIJS findings, and this report both provides background on Senate Bill 873 and outlines the efforts currently being taken to assist the courts with the SIJS process.

All County Letter Regarding Implementation of SB 1064 – The Reuniting Immigrant Families Act

This All County Letter, issued by the California Department of Social Services, provides county child welfare and probation departments with information and instructions regarding SB 1064, which is also commonly referred to as “The Reuniting Immigrant Families Act.” The purpose of this new state law is to eliminate or reduce family reunification barriers for immigrant families by creating uniformity across state and county policies and practices. Broadly speaking, SB 1064 is designed to help ensure that undocumented immigrant parents and relatives are treated as equitably as possible in child custody and dependency cases in California.

Fact sheets on California SB 1064

California SB 873

California SB 873 appropriates $3 million to qualified non-profit organizations throughout California to provide legal services to unaccompanied minors. The legislation also removes all ambiguity regarding the state court’s jurisdiction to make findings necessary for the federal government to grant Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) to unaccompanied children, and further reinforces the court’s authority to provide interpretation services for this population.


Citizenship Assessment Instrument


Intended to be used with families to assess for potential immigration issues or citizenship options. Caseworkers are directed to contact an immigration attorney if any responses lend themselves to immigration concerns.

Child Welfare & Immigration Toolkit (youth ages 13-21)

Provides an overview of potential immigration issues at points throughout a child welfare case.

Child Welfare & Immigration Toolkit (youth 12 & under)

Provides an overview of potential immigration issues at points throughout a child welfare case.

Responsibilities of Child Welfare Immigration Consultant

The consultant is utilized by counties in an informational role and as a referral source for immigration cases.





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