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August 21st,Thursday 2014.

August 14th, Thursday 2014.

August 13th, Wednesday 2014.

Beyond The Border: “This is our home

Texas Observer and The Guardian




August 12th, Tuesday 2014.

Brutality and ‘The Beast’: why child migration to U.S. is slowing down

Gabriel Stargardter, REUTERS.




August 8th, Friday 2014.

My grandpa was ‘unaccompanied minor’ to U.S. – in 1907

Phil Kasinitz, presidential professor at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, CNN Opinion




Children in the Desert

Marian Writght Edelman, HuffPost Blog




A top immigration judge calls for shift on ‘fast-tracking’





August 7th, Thursday 2014.

Children Fleeing Central American Violence Need Access to Lawyers

Latina Lista

How one city is welcoming hundreds of migrant children with open arms

Christian Science Monitor





Flow of Child Immigrants Slow Along Texas Border






August 6th, Wednesday 2014.

Beyond the border: Into The Wilderness

Texas Observer and The Guardian.





NASW Unaccompanied Migrant Children Social Justice Brief: What Social Workers can do to address the crisis

National Association of Social Workers





As US Speeds the Path to Deportation, Distress Fills New Family Detention Center

New York Times





Children in jail: What it’s like for immigrants held at Artesia Center

American Immigration Council





No Bond for Babies






Obama defends executive action

The Hill


White House eyes limits of immigration powers

The Hill

Governor Cuomo signs legislation to protect New Yorkers from immigration assistance fraud

Press Release from the Office of Governor Cuomo




August 5th, Tuesday 2014.

Across U.S., groups focus on legal needs of unaccompanied minor migrants

Catholic News Service





Opinion: Why isn’t President Obama protecting refugee children with a stroke of his pen

Fox News Latino




August 4th, Monday 2014.

Immigration crisis forces Obama to ‘act alone’ with executive orders

The guardian




Advocates in New York Scramble as Child Deportation Cases Are Accelerated

New York Times





They Are Children

Bruce Lesley, First Focus & First Focus Campaign for Children, Huffington Post



August 2nd, Saturday 2014.

The case for asylum: A child’s long, loney trek

Houston Chronicle





July 30th, Wednesday 2014.

Why the Children Fleeing Central America Will Not Stop Coming

The Nation.





July 28th, Monday 2014.

Jerry Brown urges ‘religious call’ … to welcome the stranger in border crisis

Sacramento Bee





Undocumented immigrants call for White House boycott





July 26th, Saturday 2014.

Echoes of Past Battles on Immigration Ring Through Current Debate

New York Times




July 25th, Friday 2014.

Flood of Immigrant Families at Border Revives Dormant Detention Program

NBC News





Why the Border Crisis Is a Myth

Veronica Escobar, El Paso County Judge,
New York Times Opinion Pages





Most Migrant Children Entering U.S. Are Now With Relatives, Data Show

New York Times




Obama Presses Central American Leaders to Slow a Wave of Child Migrants

New York Times




U.S. Considering Refugee Status for Hondurans

New York Times




July 24th, Thursday 2014.

Amid Wave of Child Immigrants, Reports of Abuse by Border Patrol






Obama has authority to make immigration change






‘I Want you to Live In My House’: How U.S. Kids are Welcoming the Central American Child Refugees

YES! Magazine





Does making Cincinnati ‘the most immigration friendly city’ mean not enforcing the law?

WCPO Cincinnati





Inside the remote, secretive detention center for migrant families





July 23rd, Wednesday 2014.

Pols say kids will skip immigration courts, numbers tell a different story

WCPO Cincinnati





Most of this year’s increase in unaccompanied child migrants is kids under 13

Vox Conversations



At New Detention Facility, It’s Hurry and Deport Central Americans

Texas Observer





U.S. religious Leaders Embrace Immigrant Children

New York Times





Swindlers Target Kin of Migrants

New York Times





House GOP offers border fix plan





To Cope with Child Immigrants, Competing Plans Emerge from Congress






Voters split on sheltering migrant children in Mass – Globe poll finds divisions over plan by Patrick, other immigration issues

The Boston Globe




Hate-filled immigration demonstration hits home

The Baltimore Sun





It doesn’t look like Congress will act on border crisis

Washington Post

July 22nd, Tuesday 2014.

Two Countries, No Home

Opinion Page, New York Times




Baptist leaders check welfare of children held at border

The Tennessean





Plan for Young Migrants at Impasse in Congress

New York Times





Despite crush of children, illegal immigration low

ABC news


Evangelicals address migrant crisis





Immigration debate comes to Minnesota in force

Star Tribune





Immigration activists hold rally to ‘welcome’ children to Portland





139 immigrant children placed in Iowa

The Des Moines Register





July 21st, Monday 2014.

Not all Kids are Equal: Central American Kids Get Court Dates, Mexicans Get the Boot


The Border Children: They Are Not Criminals and They Need Counsel

ImmigrationProf Blog


We can do better, Gov. Perry

Rep Beto O’Rourke, D-El Paso, TribTalk.org




Border Kids Crisis: Can History of Orphan Train Movement Inspire Action?

Daily Kos





Emotions run hot over ‘border children’

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune





Lawsuit Seeks Legal Counsel for Undocumented Kids at Immigration Hearings

Public News Service




July 20th, Sunday 2014.

Melissa Harris-Perry Interviews Immigration Judge Dana Leigh Marks(MSNBC)



Immigration courts bracing for influx of youth migrants

USA Today





Two Tracks For Congressional Funding to Address Unaccompanied Minors

Children’s Monitor





Unaccompanied Minor Debate Ignores International Trafficking Issues

Children’s Monitor




Trying to Slow the Illegal Flow of Young Migrants
New York Times





July 19th, Saturday 2014

Refugee Children Face Test in Dallas Immigration Court

Dallas News





Overburdened court system strained by new wave of migrants

USA Today





Rush to Deport Young Migrants Could Trample Asylum Claims

New York Times




Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis

Washington Post




On Southern Border, Mexico Faces Crisis of its Own
New York Times





The process Congress wants to use for child migrants is a disaster




July 18th, 2014

Proposed site for migrant children hosted Katrina evacuees

The Boston Globe




Is Central America’s Gang Violence a Humanitarian Crisis?

Insight Crime.org


Political Bias and Adjudication Disparities among Mexican Aslyum




In immigration battle, Republicans step up border demands


CBS News



Why Are Immigrant Children Flooding Across the Border? Jon Stewart Lays It Out





Child migrants have been coming to America alone since Ellis Island- And no, we didn’t just send them packing

Mother Jones


July 17th, 2014

Davenport Mayor Wants to Bring More Illegal Immigrant Minors to Midwest







NYC forms task force on aiding child migrants

New York Times

El Salvador Launches Public Education Campaign to Curtail Emigration of Children



Prospects Fade for Resolution on Border Crisis

Associated Press





Drawing undocumented immigrants out of the shadow

US Today





Ted Cruz pushes to undo 2012 deportation ban for young immigrants

The Dallas Morning News




They Started by Blockading a Bus Full of Detainees—And Went on to Shake Up the Immigration Debate





The witch’s brew: Desperation, hope, and children on the border




In our opinion: Child immigrants entering U.S. may end up as refugees – and Utah should be ready to help

Deseret News




Honduran President Wants a ‘Plan Colombia” for Central America







No decision on border crisis made yet





John Carter offers border bill





More Democrats oppose weakening legal protections of kids crossing the border

Washington Post




Lost in a Pressing Crisis: Perpetual Immigration Issues

New York Times




July 16th, 2014

Why are so many minors fleeing Central America for the U.S. border?






Town Fights to Avoid Taking In Migrant Minors

New York Times





The U.S. Re-Militarization of Central America and Mexico

Latin American Perspectives




Obama on a High Wire on Immigration Law Changes

Associated Press




Women Leaders Urging Congress to Address Abuse of Women and Children Migrants

New America Media




57,000 Reasons Immigration Overhaul May be Stalled for Now

New York Times



Almost Half of Americans Want Undocumented Kids Deported Right Away

HuffPost Politics





San Francisco Considers Resolution to Aid Migrant Children

New America Media




July 15th, Tuesday 2014.


Debunking Myths


Debunking Myths About Flood of Central American Children

Mona Shand, Public News Service – TX.





Honduras - Deportation

U.S. sends first planeload of moms, children back to Honduras

Cindy Carcamo, The Morning Call.




Assisting Kids

Assisting kids is not new to U.S.

Houston Chronicle





July 14th, Monday 2014.

Maryland ProtestMaryland town says ‘no’ to hosting unaccompanied immigrant children

S.A. Miller, The Washington Times.





July 13th, Sunday 2014.

El Paso Businesswoman Opens Shelter for Central American Refugee Children

El Paso




Mother from HondurasMeet a mother in D.C. who risked having her kids smuggled to her from Honduras

Pamela Constable, Washington Post





Governor’s Divided on How to Handle Border Crisis






July 11th, Friday 2014.

O’Malley: U.S. shouldn’t send immigrant children back to ‘certain death





Behind the Border Crisis

On the Media






America’s Response to Child Refugees on the Border is Downright Shameful




July 10th, Thursday 2014.

G.O.P. Pushes Back on Approving Border Funds

Ashley Parker, The New York Times.






US: Do Not Undermine Legal Protection for Vulnerable Children and Families

Sidney Traynham, CWS.



July 9th, Wednesday 2014.

Fleeing GangsFleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border

Frances Robles, New York Times





Congress ActionChild immigrant crisis: Is it ’emergency’ enough for Congress to act?

Francine Kiefer, DC Decoder




How US Foreign Policy Created an Immigrant Refugee Crisis on Its Own Southern Border

Jame North, The Nation.






U.S. sued for not providing attorneys to children in immigration court

Los Angeles Times.




The Crisis of Children at the Border

The New York Times.



Groups Sue Obama Administration To Provide Lawyers For Illegal Immigrant Children

Got News Wire




July 8th, Tuesday 2014.

Obama Asks for $3.7 Billion to Aid Border





Border KidsWhy We Don’t Immediately Send the Border Kids Back

Brian Resnick, National Journal





Child Migrant GOPWhy some in GOP say Obama plan ignores roots of crisis ?

The Christian Science Monitor





July 7th, Monday 2014

Arizona Lawmaker

Arizona Lawmaker Aims to Send Border-Crossing Children Home Faster

Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal.



July 1st, Tuesday 2014

DHS: Violence, poverty, is driving children to flee Central America to the U.S.

Pew Research Center






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Examining the UAC-DACA Link: New Data Show Child Migrant Crisis Began Before DACA, by David Bier, Niskanen Center (February 9, 2015)

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