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Child Welfare Involvement

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Undocumented and Abused: A Texas Case Study of Children in the Child Protective Services System
Center for Public Policy Priorities (2010)

Using Texas as a case study, this report examines undocumented children in the child welfare system and discusses why a blanket policy to send them home will not work. It also discusses how to improve the process through which these children can obtain legal residency. Finally, the article explains how federal immigration and child welfare law should be aligned to ensure that the federal government provides states the necessary financial support to care for this vulnerable population.

Identifying Immigrant Families Involved with Child Welfare Systems
Urban Institute (2007)

The following briefs are from a series of studies which provide estimates of first- and second-generation immigrant children in out-of-home care and the experiences of those children in the Texas child welfare system.

Foster Care Placement Settings and Permanency Planning: Patterns by Child Generation and Ethnicity

Child Sexual Abuse: Removals by Child Generation and Ethnicity

Title IV-E Funding : Funded Foster Care Placements by Child Generation and Ethnicity