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Parenting in the Context of Deportation Risk
(Jodi Berger Cardoso, University of Houston; Monica Faulkner & Jennifer Scott, University of Texas at Austin, June 2015)

This brief highlights the findings from a collaboration between the University of Houston and the University of Texas at Austin that examined the experiences of 40 undocumented Latino parents to better understand their experiences of living “without papers” in Texas.

Download the report here

Criminal Justice, Immigration Enforcement, and Child WelfareChildren in Harm’s Way: Criminal Justice, Immigration Enforcement, and Child Welfare
(Sentencing Project, First Focus, and Migration and Child Welfare National Network, January 2013)

Children in Harm’s Way is a compilation of articles written by leading scholars, policy analysts, legal experts, and practitioners that explores how children are harmed when the criminal justice, immigration enforcement, and child welfare systems converge.

Download the report here

Caught Between Systems: The Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare Policies
(First Focus and Migration and Child Welfare National Network, May 2010)

This comprehensive series of papers and fact sheets examines the challenges that arise when the immigration and child welfare systems collide, and provides policy recommendations on how the two systems can work together to better protect the interests of children and families.

Papers from this series include:

Related fact sheets: